Community Outreach

clear skin treatment exerts californiaA little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward protecting and maintaining smooth, vibrant skin.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation:

  •  There have been more recorded cases of skin cancer in the past three decades than all other cancers combined.
  •  One out of every five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lives.

These alarming statistics should open everyone’s eyes to just how critical skin health education can be. That’s why it’s so critical for experts in the field to share their knowledge with the public at large.

West Dermatology in Arizona, Nevada, and California is one of the most established dermatology groups in the nation. As such, we embrace the responsibility of educating communities about important skin health issues. Knowledge is key to reducing incidents of skin cancer, so knowledge is what we plan on spreading—via skin cancer awareness, detection, and prevention.

Regardless of the venue—from employer sites to local health fairs—our outreach and awareness programs are always engaging and in-depth. Our professionals insist upon it.

Skin Cancer Educational Outreach

West Dermatology in Arizona, Nevada, and California proudly offers free community outreach programs that allow us to connect with all members of the community, from seniors to elementary school children. Our interactive and approachable outreach events involve a number of educational activities, including:

  • Demonstrations showing how to perform a skin self-exam, and what to look for.
  • Training on how to identify harmful moles versus safe moles, how to check a mole’s progression, and how the sun affects all skin pigments.
  • Plain-language explanations of skin cancer facts.
  • Question-and-answer sessions.

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Customize a Presentation for Your Group

We believe in the power of personalization, and that goes beyond our approach to patient treatment. We also make it a part of our education efforts, customizing presentations to each group and individual we work with.

If your place of business, sports team, school, or club is interested in our free Skin Cancer Awareness presentation, you can connect with us by calling your neighborhood West Dermatology office. We bring informational brochures from the American Academy of Dermatology, and—to keep people interested—we also offer giveaways as part of a fun, interactive presentation!

Learn More, Live Better

Healthy skin starts with healthy understanding. West Dermatology wants to build that foundation. Contact West Dermatology to find out more about our programs. We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

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