West Dermatology History

West Dermatologist Skin Treatment HistoryFor more than 60 years, people have come to West Dermatology to receive quality healthcare in a professional, compassionate environment. Our board-certified dermatologists and support staff see over 500,000 patients each year and are dedicated to delivering leading, expert skin care. We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

What West Dermatology Can Do for You

We can help you maintain your skin’s natural vibrancy for as long as possible, and repair damage that inevitably happens over time. Our specialists in Arizona, Nevada, and California provide a comprehensive range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic services, including:

We offer a host of treatments for skin-related conditions and ailments. Just some of the dermatology conditions we treat include:

We believe helping people achieve optimal health includes establishing a strong working relationship between patient and practitioner, and that means ongoing communication. West Dermatology makes it easy for patients and practitioners to stay connected and informed through our 24/7 online services, which includes an electronic health record, a secure email tool, and even prescription refill capabilities. Signing up is easy, and these services are available to all our patients in Arizona. Learn more about dermatology treatments at WebMD.com.

Additionally, to support the highest-quality care for our dermatology patients, we maintain:

  • A full-service, CAP-accredited pathology laboratory
  • The largest phototherapy center in North America
  • A full-scale plastic surgery center

We integrate cutting-edge, evidence-based medical science into our personalized dermatology care. In short, no matter what skin-related concern brings you to West Dermatology, you can feel confident that we have the expertise, resources, and knowledge to help you overcome it.

In line with keeping our dermatology services as accessible as possible, we accept Medicare and most insurance plans.

West Dermatology: Our History and Our Future

We promise to listen, be compassionate, and take care of all your concerns so your experience is as comfortable as possible. We will explain your treatment options in a professional, easy-to-understand manner and help you decide which treatment in Arizona, Nevada, and California best fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. We accept most insurance plans.

Find a West Dermatology Near You

If you’d like to stop in for any of our treatments—or if you simply have any questions about our dermatology team, procedures, or services—our specialists are ready to help. Contact West Dermatology today! We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

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