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Hillcrest Cooltouch Varia Facial Vein RemovalDo you hesitate these days to wear skirts, shorts, or anything else that shows your legs? Is it because of stubborn, unpleasant leg veins? Although genetics plays a significant part in determining the incidence and severity of varicose or spider veins, age plays an even bigger factor. Whatever your case may be, experienced vein treatment from leading dermatologists in Arizona, Nevada, or California could be right for you.

For some people, unhealthy veins not only are unsightly but they’re also painful. If you have leg veins that are affecting your life in some aspect, perhaps it’s time to consider one of the various treatments that clear your skin and improve the quality of your life. For a consultation to find out which vein treatment options are available for your particular case, don’t hesitate to call the cosmetic and medical skin experts at West Dermatology. With various locations throughout the southwestern United States, including Hillcrest, Fresno, Palm Springs, and other cities, West Dermatology has been serving families like yours for over six decades.

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Do You Have Varicose or Spider Veins?

Varicose veins are large, swollen blood vessels that are typically found only in your legs. They twist and turn painfully in unnatural ways under the surface of your skin. Spider veins, on the other hand, are blue, red, or purple blood vessels that, although smaller than varicose veins, also twist and turn crookedly just beneath your skin surface.

Causes for either type of vein condition include obesity, genetic disposition, and hormonal changes. It’s this latter factor, often due to pregnancy or menstrual cycles, that contributes to the fact that women are much more likely to have these types of leg issues than men are. Trauma to your legs – such as cuts or scrapes, bruises, and exposure to UV rays – are also common contributors. Jobs that entail standing for long periods of time every day, such as nursing or teaching, can trigger the development of these painful veins. Furthermore, even some people who’ve previously had vein surgery can also see a recurrence.

Leg Vein Treatment Options


This type of minimally invasive vein treatment eliminates stubborn varicose veins in your calf, thigh, and knee without surgery. These laser vein treatment procedures offer pain relief and amazing results that last for years in many patients. Other benefits include less risk of infection, minimal skin irritation, and very little downtime.

Side effects of laser treatments for veins could include bruising, inflammation, numbness, and/or tingling around the targeted area.


Hillcrest Leg Vein Sclerotherapy Before and AfterThis is the most common leg treatment, especially for both spider veins and small varicose veins. These vein treatments involve injecting a sclerosing agent into the targeted vessel, which hardens the vein until it collapses, after which the body naturally eliminates the remains.

Most of the injected veins disappear after only a single session, although you could have multiple sessions depending on a variety of other factors, such as the number of veins injected, your general health, and the seriousness of your issue. A single vein treatment session usually lasts no more than 15-20 minutes and causes very little down time to interfere with your day.

The side effects of sclerotherapy are mild, with patients reporting redness, bruising, and mild itching that typically disappears within days. For any questions concerning treatment or symptoms that may be lasting longer than expected, our experienced dermatologists can help you understand the best options for post-sclerotherapy recovery. We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.


Hillcrest West Dermatology Leg Vein Surgery RemovalAnother common treatment is a phlebectomy, a minimally invasive vein treatment especially effective for varicose veins that are too large for effective treatment via sclerotherapy.

These larger blood vessels often measure wider than a finger and cause circulation problems that cause itchiness and pain. During this treatment, the targeted veins are removed through tiny incisions under local anesthesia. There is no downtime, so you can right back to your regularly scheduled day.

Stab phlebectomy and microphlebectomy are two common types of phlebectomy. Stab phlebectomy involves a very small incision into the unwanted vein for removal, often combined with sclerotherapy or laser treatment for the quickest, most effective results.

Microphlebectomy entails removing the targeted vein through a minuscule opening to allow quicker healing and recovery, noticeable improvement, and almost no downtime. For more effective recovery, wearing compression for socks or stockings for several days post procedure is recommended. Side effects of these treatments for veins, although rare, usually happen in the form of discoloring around the treated areas, which typically fades within days.

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Get Expert Vein Treatments Today

We don’t want you to be self-conscious about wearing skirts or shorts, so if painful, unpleasant varicose or spider veins are adversely affecting your life, you should discuss your condition with specialists who are trained and experienced in providing the best, safest, and most effective vein treatments possible.

To learn more about the options available to reduce your vein problems and their effect on you, contact West Dermatology today for a consultation about your situation. We are the authorities for the treatment of unwanted leg veins, so contact us online to schedule an appointment today. We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

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