Why West Dermatology Group

dermatology skin care treatment californiaPeople trust West Dermatology in Arizona, Nevada, and California because we routinely provide the very best skin care. Our team of board-certified dermatologists treats over 500,000 patients each year, across multiple states. From routine care and preventative maintenance to the latest advances in skin cancer treatment, our team is composed of experts at treating the skin.

We’ve maintained our unique position in the field for a number of reasons:

60 Years of Experience

West Dermatology has been helping people love their skin for more than 60 years, though the combined experience of our network represents much more than that. These skin care professionals are well-acquainted with our mission to deliver quality care in a professional, compassionate environment. We have locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Full-Service Dermatology Practice

With a scope of skin care services that runs the gamut, we can offer best-in-class care for most skin-related concerns. Our areas of expertise range from medical dermatology to skin cancer to cosmetic dermatology. We maintain a complete plastic surgery center for reconstructive procedures and cosmetic enhancements, and our comprehensive dermatology services even include allergy treatments – as most side effects present in the skin.

Our Leading-Edge Approach

With access to the most advanced dermatology treatments in the practice, patients of West Dermatology don’t need to worry about being referred to other providers. Our skin care specialists make up an elite team with a track record of innovation in their fields, as well as a diversity in background and training that makes us second to none. Learn more about what dermatology treatments may be right for you at WebMD.com.

Record-Setting Infrastructure

In addition to retaining top talent within our network, we operate state-of-the-art facilities that make processes fast, efficient, and quality-assured. These include the largest phototherapy center in North America and a CAP-accredited, full-service laboratory.

Total Accessibility

At West Dermatology in Nevada, we want to make access to care and guidance as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a 24/7 member website where patients can contact doctors, access health records, and even pay bills online. We also make it a goal to keep services affordable to all patients, and we work with most insurance carriers as well as Medicare.

Why West: What’s In a Name?

Contrary to popular belief, we are not “West” Dermatology because we are based in the western states, but because the practice was founded by Dr. Robert J. West. Learn more about our history and experience to discover what sets our practice apart.

How Can West Dermatology Help You?

If you are interested in West Dermatology—or have any questions about our team, procedures, or services—our specialists in cities including Las Vegas, San Diego, and more locations across the west coast would love to help you. Contact West Dermatology today!

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