California Nevada Arizona Dermatology AssociationIn 2002, West Dermatology merged with Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Clinics to create a dermatology network serving millions in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Remaining at the top for over 60 years requires a work culture that is devoted to united communication. We are establishing a national presence and offer several opportunities to join our team. We seek compassionate leaders that will add to our progressive work culture. Our experienced dermatologists integrate cutting-edge, evidence-based medical science with our company mission—to provide dermatology patients with quality healthcare in a professional, compassionate environment, which helps us to provide effective and needed dermatology treatment to each patient and their unique needs.

West Dermatology is an established, elite company with innovative, compassionate providers. We are proud to offer a progressive and ethnically diverse work culture. Healthy Skin is Our Passion ™

Broad Range of Services

West Dermatology can help you maintain your skin’s natural vibrancy for as long as possible, and repair damage that inevitably happens over time. Our dermatology specialists provide a comprehensive range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic services, including:

  • Annual skin examinations for preventive health
  • Skin cancer treatments, including brachytherapy and MOHS micrographic surgery
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Clinical research trials

Cutting Edge Technology

We integrate cutting-edge, evidence-based medical science into our personalized care. In short, no matter what skin-related concern brings you to West Dermatology, you can feel confident that we have the expertise, resources, and knowledge to help you overcome it. Learn more about dermatology at WebMD.com.

Many Locations

In our effort to provide our patients the best and most convenient services, we have grown to many different areas in California and Arizona. If you want to have high-quality dermatology service in your area, check our locations page here or in our menu above to find the location nearest you to schedule your appointment today.

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